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Apple Watch Ultra Screen Lagging (Fixable?)

Does your Apple Watch Ultra has a screen lagging, or is the display refresh slow with a split screen?

Some Apple Ultra watch users have noticed this in their watch when they read the news or scroll notifications that show a split screen and look like a delay.

A more scientific term for this delay is “jelly scrolling,” where the screen looks lagging in the display.

Well, it’s terrible news, but all Apple Watch Ultra have this issue, but it’s bearly noticeable.

Screen Lagging or Jelly Scroll in Apple Watch Ultra

Why is my Ultra Watch screen lagging?

Apple Watch Ultra has some serious display which enables it 2000 nits peak, one Hz ideal, 120hz peak.

This display saves the battery when idle on the wrist and allows it to view in broad daylight.

The display on the Ultra Watch work by refreshing from left to right. In comparison, usually screen refreshes from top to bottom.

And with a big screen size, this lagging or Jelly scroll is easily spottable on Ultra Watch when scrolling text or elements.

Another Reason might be that Apple Watch Ultra has a strong display with a titanium body.

It might be an engineering requirement to put an OLED screen horizontally for a more robust display, or it might be a design philosophy.

Or maybe it is cheaper to manufacture, but it’s not good, and it’s too late to go back and change.

Is there a fix for this jelly scroll in Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra has a lagging display due to the design element where the screen refresh from left to right.

While this looks like an issue or problem to some, it’s not that big of a deal. A similar jelly scroll was seen in the iPad mini last year.

Apple had to do a press release stating that the iPad mini is designed that way; it’s not a fault.

But the Apple iPad mini 2021 was LCD, and Apple Watch Ultra is OLED. So is it a hardware issue? it’s Hard to tell.

Apple might reduce or remove this by software update because Apple Watch Ultra has a 120hz display, so Jelly scroll won’t be noticeable.


Screen split lagging in Apple Watch Ultra is due to the design elements of its display.

Apple might be able to remove this through a software update, but time will tell.

There is no need to worry about jelly scroll as it’s how the Apple Watch Ultra is designed.

I will keep you updated as apple gives a software update that will fix this jelly scroll.

Please share your views or solution with us through comments.

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