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How to Add Friends in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a role-playing action game. Genshin Impact allows adding friends to your Friend List. By adding friends to your Friend List, you can play co-op sessions and easily check your friends’ profiles.

You can also assign them nicknames for easier recognition to your friends.
You can also send them private messages.

Adding players to Friends List is only unlocked at rank level 16. Additionally, you can only have four friends at a party in co-op mode.

Genshin is a multiplatform game, so you can also cross-play co-op mode between mobile, PC, and Xbox or PlayStation as long as all friends are on the same server.

In article you will learn how to add friends to Genshin Impact and play co-op matches.

You will learn why you can’t join your friends in Genshin Impact and how you can add from different servers.

How to add friends in Genshin Impact

you need rank 16 to add friends to your Freind List.
You need to know the UID of your friend. UID is a unique identifier code for each player. You can find UID in the Paimon menu. The Paimon menu comes when you press escape while playing the game. you and your friends need to be on same server to play co-op sessions.
Navigate to friends and then give code.

Step 1: Ask friend for UID in Genshin Impact

Ask your friend for UID (Unique Identifier).

UID in Genshin Impact is in a couple of places, like in the bottom right of your screen. Or in of the Paimon Menu under profile image. To access the Menu, you need to press “Esc” on PC.

Copy UID by clicking the Copy button and ask your friend to send it to you.

Step 2: Navigate to Friends section in Menu

After receiving UID from a friend, you need to navigate to the Friends screen in Menu By clicking on the Friends button.

Friends section Button in Menu for Genshin Impact

Step 3: Search With UID and Add Your Friend

After pressing friend button You will be moved to another screen where you will see the top navigation bar. Click on the middle icon Invitation icon. The search bar will appear where you will enter your friend UID And then You will press the search button.

Serach bar for seacrhing friend by UID in Genshin Impact

The profile of the friend will be shown. Then, you will see the “Add Friend” button and click on it. The friend request will be sent to your friend, who will receive it.

Profile of Genshin Impact Friend Player

You can add a total of 45 friends in Genshin Impact.
Your Friend List will be sorted by Online status, Adventure rank, and last online time.

Can you add friends from different servers in Genshin Impact to play co-op matches.

No you can not add players from Different Servers.

Friends in Genshin Impact need to be on the same server to play co-op games or Add players to Friend List.

Once Friends are on the same server, they can play with each other even on a different platform.

Why My Friend I Cant add my friend in Genshin Impact.

There are several reasons for that.

Either you or your friend has not reached rank 16.

You and your friend need to be on the same server to add each other and play co-op mode.


You need to be on rank 16 to add friends.

You and your friends need to be on the same server like if your friend is on the “Asian” server, you need to be on the same server.

You can divide the friend’s list in the PlayStation platform where it will be divided into two lists. “Genshin Impact Friends” and “Genshin Impact Friends on PlayStation Network.”

Suppose you haven’t played on the “Asian” server. Changing the server will result in in-game progress from the start. But if you switch back to your old server, it will be restored.

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