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Is Genshin Impact a Japanese game?

No. Genshin Impact is a Chinese game. Though its name sounds like the Japanese word in English Translation “Genshin Impact” in Chinese, it sounds like “Yuán shén” or 原神, which means “Original God”.

Genshin Impact is an Anime style, and has a voice-over also in Japanese by actors and actresses might also be why someone thinks it’s a Japanese game. But the Original voice-over is in the Chinese language which is top-rated by critics. find more in “What is the best language to play Genshin Impact in?”

Genshin Impact was developed by miHoYo, a Chinese company based in Shanghai. Chinese voiceovers are the original, too, not Japanese.

How did Genshin Impact get so popular?

Genshin Impact has risen in popularity since its launch. Its marketing strategy before lunch was extraordinary. Like showing the trailer, which didn’t cliche or downgrades the gameplay but gives tidbits of the story and leaves you wanting more.

Genshin Impact is different from anything on AppStore. It’s not perfect, but it’s polished and supports multiplatform from the beginning without any delays, which is a big win in Active Users of the Game. whether playing from PC or mobile, or Xbox, you can join co-op matches from any platform and play with them. (But servers need to be the same, adding friends in Genshin impact.)

Genshin impact has implemented “anime-style“. As insignificant as it seems, several anime fans were reeled in because of the art. Genshin Impact story, it’s like anime laying out in front of you. The writing is pretty good with books that tell more lore, character bios with complete voice-acted lines and cutscenes that are top tier stuff.

Genshin Impact Developers team are constantly rolling out updates and bug fixes for the game.

Genshin Impact is very much a gacha and time-limited game. Other than that, there’s plenty to do that has no limit. You can beat bosses, do sidequests, hunt for materials, cook and craft various things, and play with others. A casual player won’t run into anything that’ll limit a normal playthrough of the game. A more hardcore player will find plenty of challenges if they play constantly. You’re not limited by a paywall either; even a free to play player can dominate the game if they know what to do.

Active Players of genshin Impact

In 2022, there will be approximately 9 million users playing Genshin Impact in a day across all supported platforms. That is over 15% of the total registered players in the game.

In 2022, there will be approximately 50 million players playing Genshin Impact monthly. 70% of the players are male. 40% of the players are Asian.

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