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Plex Playback Error

Are you having playback issue with plex and playback errors like “An Unexpected Playback Problem Occurred” or where the screen goes black or Endless spinning circle. Searching for subtitles fails; no sound while the video plays fine.

Plex is a streaming service that provides movies, TV channels, home media servers, podcasts, and even games.

Plex has a free and paid version which has more collections. Find out more on plex’s official website.

The Plex application is available on almost all platforms which help watch content on any device.

With the help of Nvidia Shield Pro, you can make your server that can host your media content with the help of plex software.

Some users reported that this happened on some files while others worked fine.

Today will learn how to solve the Plex playback error and to buffering.

Why am I getting a Plex playback error?

Plex playback error comes due to connection issues between server and client usually.

This error is also recently seen due to bugs in the Plex application (Andriod) after the update.

Developers are adding new things, and the platform is evolving daily, so bugs are inevitable in these cases.

The bugs might not affect everyone, so finding bug and fixing usually takes time.

How to fix Plex playback error?

After a lot of research and testing, some tweaks helped Plex users solve the problem playback error for them.

But before that make sure you have good internet connection and good signal strength with WIFI.

Sometimes connection between WIFI and devices are not good or WIFI quality is not good which makes streaming suffer.

You can test it by changing the internet from Wifi to mobile.

Change Video Quality

One way to fix playback issue was by changing video quality.

When you select something to watch and if you get playback error message.

Then Click on more, then click on settings, then click on video quality.

Make sure the box is checked in the video quality(Original).

By changing the video quality, the playback issue was gone for many users.

Turnoff Subtitle

One workaround solution is to playback issue to turn off subtitle.

When you are watching something and get playback issue. Turnoff the subtitle and the playback will be gone.

Bug in Application

Your Plex application might have crashed or bugged and won’t function as it should.

The only way to fix this is by clearing the cache or reinstalling the Plex application.

Not perfect solution but works.

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