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Randomly Dismount Elden Ring (Try This Fix First!)

Are you fighting a boss in Elden Ring, and you randomly dismount from your horse or Torrent, making fighting difficult.

You don’t know why you are dismounting from the horse and want how to know to fix this.

Fighting Enemy with a horse makes it much easier to beat the boss, but sudden dismount can be a death sentence.

Dismounting and mounting back to the horse take time, and the enemy boss can easily beat you in that instance.

Mounting & Unmounting Torrent/Horse

In this article, you will learn why you are dismounting and how to fix this issue.

  1. Why Randomly Dismounting from a horse in Elden Ring?
  2. How to fix randomly dismounting from a horse in Elden Ring.

Why Randomly Dismounting from a horse in Elden Ring?

While playing Elden Ring game, You ride a horse and do sharp turns and corners, but you don’t dismount from horse/Torrent.

While fighting an enemy boss in Elden Ring, the horse taking a sharp corner will dismount the horse.

There are many reasons for this Dismount from Horese/Torrent during the fight.

One of the reason is, While fighting boss in tense situation you have accidentally pushed L3 button on the joystick on the controller.

Enemy can boss will also knock you off the horse in the fight, so you have to fight with extra care.

If you press the wistle button while you are mounted whill also dismount you from the horse.

Some players have said it might be due to glitch but it is not confirmed.

How to fix randomly dismounting from a horse in Elden Ring

While some players wanted to disable the L3 button for a short span, there is no such option available.

These are the solution available on internet as of now.

  1. Practing mount and dismount on empty field so you don’t accidentally press L3 Button.
  2. Learn particular or gradual technique to movement. Which will help avoid clicking L3 Button.
  3. You can change the L3 button to some other button, Change the ultimate location of the Whistle in your Inventory within the occasion you preserve clicking it by mistake.
  4. Flip stealth/dismount, It will be easier to grab resources. (BEST SOLUTION TILL NOW)

Fighting and exploring with the horse is easy and fun But dismouting is not fun when you are in middle of the fight.

I will keep updating this article as any new solution pop up.

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