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Samsung TV screen white spot [fixed]

Getting white spots on your LED TV screen is frustrating.

Many Samsung users have reported white spots or white dots on TV screens just after two years.

White spots are very annoying and make TV watching very difficult.

Buying a new TV is expensive and fixing TV is the way to go.

But before fixing or repairing, we need to make a little diagnosis.

There are two types of problems with screens having spots.

  1. White Spot, which is also called stuck pixels
  2. Black Spot, which is also called dead pixels

In This article, we will discuss white spots or white dots and how to fix them.

  1. Why am I getting white spots on the TV screen?
  2. How to fix white spots on TV screens?
  3. What will be the cost to fix white spots?

Why am I getting white spots on the Samsung TV screen?

Several things can cause white dots to appear on your TV screen, and none of these problems is permanent.

One of the most common causes is a flawed or fallen reflector.

Reflectors are also called Diffuser lenses.

Picture for a white spot or white dot explanation only.

LED TV screens have LED strips that provide white base light for color image creation on the front.

If the LED strip is missing the Reflector from its position, the LED light is coming straight without diffusing, causing a white spot.

If you are getting white spots on the TV screen, reflectors have fallen off the back.

Fallen Reflector

Some other causes of white spots on the TV screens on the internet are

  1. Loose connection of wires between the monitor and the TV.
  2. Malfunctioning Processor
  3. Faulty Power supply
  4. Hot or cold temperatures might have damaged the electronics

But these issues are rare and are not caused by white spots. Only reflectors are the leading cause of the white spots or white dots on TV screens.

How to fix white spots on TV screens?

In TV technology, small LEDs are used in bulk instead of LED strips, which removes the need for reflectors hence thinner TV screens.

Suppose you have a thinner TV and a newer model. It would be best to go to the service center instead of repairing it yourself.

Fixing the white spots on your TV screen is a simple process of putting back reflectors with quick glue that can be purchased from a nearby store.

Complete the process to fix the white dots in Samsung TV.

  1. Ensure your electrical power to TV is off and the cable to switch is removed.
  2. Put the TV on a flat surface like a bed and open the back cover by removing screws.
  3. Remove Speaker and electronics by removing screws and disconnecting them.
  4. Lift the metal plate and see for fallen reflectors.
  5. Check all reflectors and glue reflectors that have fallen or may fall in the future.
  6. Let the glue dry and complete the process in reverse to assemble the TV.

To fix your TV, you must open up your TV screen by removing the necessary screws.

Then you need to remove the side screws, audio system, and other electronics to remove the front protector to reach the LED strips. So you can place reflectors back.

Before putting LED reflectors, you need to check for all reflectors so there are no loose reflectors left that fall in the future.

This video below shows how you can put reflectors and what you will expect.

Many people have messed up fixing white spots. So if you are not an expert at fixing things or doing stuff like DIY, Then I won’t recommend doing this as it can ruin your TV and consume your time.

I would recommend going to the service center which will fix your TV for less money. And remember to tell them about reflectors, so they don’t think you don’t know the problem and try to charge more.

What will be the cost to fix white spots?

The cost to fix white spots or white dots on Samsung TV is variable as the issue is with only reflectors.

Different Service Centers charge different amounts of money.

If your TV is more than $1000, then Service Center will quote you more than $800.

It would help if you found a local TV repair professional who can fix you for $150.

If you do it yourself, if you know DIY, it should not be more than $5 as only Quick glue is required.


Reflectors cause white spots, and a person familiar with DIY can fix it quickly, or it can also be fixed by the service center for a couple of bucks.

I would recommend the service center as many users have messed up the TV while trying to fix themselves.

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