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Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working (Easy Fix)

Are you facing a problem with your Apple Watch touch screen not working and it wonā€™t respond on swapping or taping?

Letā€™s try to fix the Apple Watch display with simple solutions.

In this article, you will learn.

  1. Why is the Apple Watch touchscreen not working
  2. How to fix the Apple Watch touchscreen
  3. Conclusion

Why is the Apple Watch touchscreen not working

There are multiple factors that can affect the Apple touchscreen which are mentioned below.

Dirty fingers

If your fingers are dirty, oily, wet, or covered by gloves or another way.

Apple watch will not recognise your touch so you need to clean your fingers with soap and get it dry before using.

Wet Apple Watch Screen

If your Apple watch touchscreen is wet, or oily then it also does not respond to your touch.

Then clean your Apple watch screen with clothes or in some other way before using your Apple Watch.

Touch screen protector

If you applied recently a new touchscreen protector then it may not be fixed on the Apple watch touch screen. So re- fix the protector before using a watch.

Water mod lock

If your Apple watch touch screen is in water mod, you will see a droplet on the top of your touch screen.

In this mode, the screen also does not recognize your touch. So off the water mod icon.

How to fix the Apple Watch touchscreen

If you apply the above-mentioned checks and the Apple Watch touchscreen showing again unresponsive.

So here are some other methods to overcome this problem. Try these solutions.


By Forceā€“Restart the Apple Watch Sometimes restarting your Apple Watch solve a lot of problems.

How to Force-restart Apple Watch

Press and hold the side button and digital crown at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the touch screen. This process approximately takes 10 to 20 seconds(even takes more time).

Updating your Apple Watch

Updating Apple Watch might resolve the touch screen not responding issue.

How to update Apple Watch

you can update your Apple Watch on your iPhone.Inside in Watch App tap to general and then select software updating.

For the fastest software update then connect your Watch to Wifi.

Close certain Apps

sometimes your Apple Watch is running certain Apps that are heavy or incompatible.

Using these Apps creates a problem and makes the Apple Watch unusable.

So the best thing to do is to close those Apps.

How to close certain Apps.

Press the side button which shows up all the apps in your Apple Watch. Now swipe from right to left and click on the X then the App will close.


Wiping the Apple watch screen and cleaning your hand should make Apple watch screen responsive.

But you can also try updating the watch, removing the water mod lock, closing certain apps, and force restarting.

If still you are facing issues you should visit a local repair shop for his opinion on the hardware problems that you might have faced.

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