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How To fix Ford Remote Start Not Working (Easy Fix)

Having trouble starting your Ford vehicle using the remote start?

This short guide will help you understand the possible reasons behind Ford remote start not working and provide practical solutions to get it up and running again.

From system settings to software bugs and malfunctioning components, we’ll explore the potential culprits and how to fix them, ensuring your remote start functions smoothly once more.

Why is Ford’s remote start Not Working?

These are possible reasons why your Ford Vehicle might not be remote starting.

  1. Opening of the hood, door, or trunk: If any of these are opened, the remote start function will not work.
  2. Disabled system setting: Ensure that the remote start feature is enabled in the system settings.
  3. Engine light indication: If the engine light is on, it signifies the need for engine repair, which can affect the remote start functionality.
  4. Malfunctioning hood button: A potential cause could be a faulty button in the hood, which hinders the remote start operation.
  5. Software bug: There might be a bug in the remote start software, leading to its malfunction.

        How to fix Ford Remote Start

        If your engine is good and your key’s battery is good then trying these fixes will solve Remote Start and your Ford vehicle will start.

        1. Enable System in Remote Start
        2. Reset Remote Start
        3. Fix the Hood Sensor Button

        1. Enable System in Remote Start

        You need to check the system is enabled in the remote start setting.

        To do this you need to start your car and use the controls on the steering wheel to control the screen with a speed Meter.

        Then You need to navigate to:
        Settings>Vechile/Convenience >Remote Start> System.

        First, click on settings.

        Then, Click On Vehicle or Convenience.

        Then, Click On Remote Start.

        Then Click On Enable.

        Some Ford Vehicles have a Check Mark so click on it which will check it.

        Turn the Engine Off And try Remote Start And it will work now.

        2. Reset Remote Start

        Some Users had software bugs where they could not start their Ford Car with the Remote.

        After Resetting the “Remote Start” the Remote Start started working.

        You need to navigate to:
        Settings>Vechile/Convenience >Remote Start> Restore Default. In the car screen near the Speed Meter.

        If you don’t find reset in the “Restore Default. You can search in settings and reset to the default setting which should remove any bugs or errors.

        3. Fix the Hood Sensor Button

        Ford Vehicles has a hood button that tells Ford vehicles if the hood is closed or open.

        If the hood button is not functioning properly the vehicle won’t start from the remote.

        Some buttons are placed in front of the hood some are placed on the end.

        You need to check whether the button wires are okay and the shape is also okay. There is no physical damage which means replacing the button.

        Over Time the Button becomes loose and will not get intact with the hood which will tell the vehicle that the hood is still open but it is closed in reality.

        Bend the sensor button which will work fine and tell the vehicle that the hood is closed.

        This will make “Remote Start” work again.


        If you find yourself facing issues with your Ford’s remote start, don’t panic.

        By understanding the possible causes discussed earlier, such as:

        1. Disabled system settings
        2. Engine light indications
        3. Malfunctioning hood buttons
        4. Software bugs

        You can effectively troubleshoot the problems by Following the provided solutions, like enabling the system in the remote start.

        Performing a reset, or fixing the hood button, which can often resolve the remote start malfunction.

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