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How to Detect Hidden Camera in Mirror (Easy Method)

Are you afraid that camera eye might be watching you from mirror which is placed right in front of you.

Well your guts might be true but how to really find a hidden camera in mirror?

Today we will look deep into it and find out.

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Detect A Hidden Camera In Mirror?

You can detect a hidden camera in your mirror in many ways.

The given points will be helpful to you for the detection of hidden cameras.

Inspection of the mirror, if anything looks suspicious like

  1. it’s too wide, which means camera can be placed easily.
  2. Its placed firm to wall which means no one can look what’s at back
  3. Mirror Frame is making rattling noise which means battery is placed inside.

Mirror Test

An easy way to find a Real or See thorough mirror is to place your finger against the mirror.

Notice whether there is a gap between your fingertip and the image reflection or not.

Real/Common Mirror

Common mirror leaves a gap between fingertip and image.

So, your mirror is real.

Fake Mirror

Touch your fingertip on the mirror, if it touches the mirror image then you have reason to suspect, it is because there is no gap between your fingertip and image reflection.

It means that your mirror is two-way glass.

Then you need to check for camera if it is placed on the other side of camera.

Two-way mirror

You often see the reflecting coating on the glass wall. It acts like a mirror from the brighter side.

From the Inside which is being less bright, the wall is completely see-though this is actually a two-way mirror.

Two-way mirrors and spy cameras are deployed in public places for surveillance purposes.

How to detect a two-way mirror?

You need to check the mirror, by doing nail test.

If there is no distance between nails, The mirror is two way.

Now you need to check if the other side has camera or any area where people can watch.

Check if the mirror is firmly hold to wall. try to remove the mirror.

If you can’t remove the mirror and cant see the wall behind the mirror. It is most probabily have some camera.

If you are in the hotel try to complain it to manager and demand to remove the mirror or thread to comaplin to the authorities for invading privacy.

If you are in home and are not sure about mirror then break it to find out or take it apart.

Using Flashlight

If the mirror is fixed in the wall then you will need to proceed next step, by using a flashlight.

So, you may also approach a hidden camera by using a mobile flashlight.

How to detect hidden cameras by using a flashlight?

Mostly the hidden cameras have red and green LEDs. LED lights blink in a low-light environment. So, follow the given steps.

  • Off the lights in your room.
  • using a torch/flashlight to find out if something suspicious is behind the mirror.
  • Shine light on the mirror by placing mobile on mirror is to make the opposite side brighter.
  • And then look for any small holes and lenses that indicate the presence of the camera.
  • Knock on glass, if you listen to a dull sound then you are safe.
  • A hollow and reverberating sound can signify a two-way mirror.
  • So, you are the reason to check out the mirror smartly.

Wifi-Network inspection

If you suspect about your wifi connection then follow given steps.

  • Inspect your Wifi-network.
  • A hidden camera might be using a local wifi network.
  • Then you can see what devices are connected to a wifi network.
  • By checking your router’s admin setting or using the network scanner app.

Smartphone camera

If the above reliable points will not be helpful to you then try your mobile phone camera.

How to detect hidden cameras by using a smartphone camera?

Smartphones have a feature that allows you to take photos with a flashlight. So, by using this feature follow the given steps.

  • By using a flashlight take a photo of the mirror.
  • And then examine this photo carefully and smartly.
  • Looking for any LED light blink, small hole, and lens.
  • If you see any of them then it indicates the presence of the camera.

If you are still in trouble then it means that the camera is carefully concealed and designed very smartly. But still, you have other options which you will proceed, then try the next step.

All the given types of equipment offer the best way to uncover potential hidden cameras.

Physical EMF detector

If you will fail in the above fixes then we recommend you to try a physical EMF detector.

EMF detector is a test measurement apparatus used for detecting problems.

This instrument gives information that something going on in an electromagnetic field because this apparatus measures the electromagnetic radiation.

Glint finder App

Next, you can also use a glint finder App on google play to detect a hidden camera behind a mirror.

This app used retro-reflection of your mobile camera flash to allow you to find a better identity of shiny objects in the camera view.

Radio spectrum analyzer

A spectrum analyzer is a fundamental testing instrument that measures various parameters in the system at a radio frequency range.

There are various types of radio spectrum analyzers, but all of them perform the same function.

This equipment is also very helpful to you, for finding hidden cameras in the mirror or anywhere, if you are suspicious.


You can check Mirror by Nail test which is finding distance between nails.

If there is no distance then it is two way mirror but you need to find camera too.

You can check camera by making room dim and placing mobile flash light on mirror.

This will make other side brighter and make it visible. now if you spot camera.

You can cover the mirror or you can call the authorities or you can get your money back if you are staying in hotel.

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