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How to Detect a Hidden Camera in Airbnb or Hotel (Full Guide)

Are you concerned that your hotel room or Airbnb might have a concealed camera that might record your activities?

No need to worry, Today we will explore methods to detect a hidden camera in room.

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Why Are Hidden Cameras Hard To Find?

Main reasons why hidden cameras are hard to detect.

1. Disguised as Common Objects

The hidden camera looks like the above in simple daily-to-use objects.

A custom-made camera is easily concealed within a simple object. When the product is customized, then the detection of it is complicated.

2. Small Size Of Camera

Due to the camera’s small size, it is not easy to notice. This pinhole camera needs a very less area to be placed so that it can be fixed in any tiny hole.

3. Camera Behind Mirror

It looks like an ordinary mirror but is see-through from one side where the camera is hidden, which the person can’t see.

4. Wireless Camera In Hard To Reach Places

While cameras usually need wires to be connected to a computer But wireless cameras are also trending, which can send video streams through a WIFI connection.

Which can be faced in a hard-to-reach area like the ceiling of the room.

So, that’s why a hidden camera will not easily detect.

How to Find a Hidden Camera

Finding a hidden camera is not difficult if you know the logic of finding one.

You can always find hidden cameras with these

  1. Lens Reflection
  2. Heat Signature
  3. Wifi Signals
  4. Magnetic Flex

Lens Reflection

The camera has a lens that always reflects light and can be spotted in dim rooms by flashing bright lights.

There are devices on the market that helps in finding hidden camera through light flashing. You can buy one here(Amazon).

Infrared lights

If hidden cameras have infrared lights for night vision. It can be detected in a simple mobile camera in a dark room.

Heat Signature

When the hidden camera is recording for a long period of time, it generates heat.

This heat can be easily detected in Thermal Camera.

You can buy a thermal camera Here(Amazon).

Radio Frequency Signals

Not all cameras are wired, and newer models coming to the market are wireless which emit 2.4 GHz signals.

These cameras can connect to mobile directly or through a Wifi router to mobile.

You can find Wireless Hidden Camera by

  1. Detect WIFI Signals through Radio Frequency Detector
  2. Find a Hidden Camera On the Wifi Router

1. Detect Wifi Signals through Radio Frequency Detector

Radio Frequency detectors can help you detect devices which communicate through Bluetooth or WIFI signals.

These signals’ wavelengths can be around 500hz to 6 GHz, but different RF detectors have different finding ranges.

Expensive RF detectors can distinguish between WIFI and other signals and even detect high-profile bugging devices used by agencies.

RF detectors show Signal Bar 📶 which indicates the device distance.

You can get a Radio Frequency detector device here(Amazon).

2. Find a Hidden Camera On the WIFI Router

There is a high probability of the hidden camera being connected to the same WIFI router you are using as a tenet.

You can find the devices which are connected to the wifi router by downloading “Wireless Network Watcher” on Windows and running it.

This software will show the devices which are discoverable on WIFI with their names and network adapter company.

You can check for Camera or Cam prefix in the Device Name, indicating a camera.

Now you need to check the area and find the camera.

You can download this application here.

ElectroMagnetic Flex

Metal detectors can be used to find any metal wires or circuits in simple objects.

But EMF term is also used when it comes to finding hidden cameras.

EMF or Electromagnetic fields are low-frequency wave signals generated by circuits.

You can easily detect EMF through an EMF detector.

Nonlinear Junction Detectors

Nonlinear Junction Detectors (NLJD) are devices used by agencies for finding small bugs like listening devices and cameras.

Agencies use Nonlinear Junction Detectors (NLJD) to find cameras or bugs. which are small and used by spies.

NLJD work by emitting a pure microwave RF signal. Various frequencies are then monitored for a reflected harmonic signal. 

Nonlinear Junction Detector Device

Best Hidden Camera Detectors with Starting Prices

You can find Devices on the market that will help you find hidden cameras.

Some devices have multiple sensors to detect the devices.

Below are given Starting price Charts, which you can buy on Amazon.

Hidden Camera Detecting DevicesStarting Price FromBuy Now
Red Light Flasher~$20
Radio Frequency Analyzer~$30
EMF detector~$100
Inferred Heat Camera~$200
Nonlinear Junction Detectors~$2000


Detecting hidden cameras in hotel rooms or Airbnb rentals can be a challenging task due to their disguised appearance, compact size, and wireless capabilities.

However, by employing techniques such as detecting lens reflection, infrared light, heat signature, radio frequency and EMF you can find hidden camera easily.

Additionally, various hidden camera detector devices are available on the market, offering different features and price ranges to aid in the detection process.

By utilizing these methods and tools, individuals can take proactive steps to safeguard their privacy and security.

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