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How to tell if a screw is a hidden camera (Full Guide)

Are you concerned that there might be a small camera hidden in a screw that could record your activities?

It’s important to learn about these techniques to identify if a screw is a hidden camera.

How Hidden Screw Camera Look Like

A hidden screw camera appears like a regular Phillips screw but with a darker center.

The screw camera requires minimal space for wiring, so it will always need some room for wiring and a camera mount from the inside.

How to Tell Screw is a Hidden Camera

The best method to detect a hidden camera is by using a flashlight in a dimly lit room.

If the lens reflects light, it’s likely a hidden camera. However, the guide below will assist you in quickly identifying hidden cameras.

Visual Inspection

I have written a detailed blog on how to find hidden cameras. Click here to read.

During a visual inspection, pay attention to the following:

  1. Does the screw match the body?
  2. Does the screw resemble other screws?

1. Does the screw match the body?

Carefully examine whether the screws match the body, or if there are inconsistencies between them.

2. Does the screw resemble other screws?

You need to check the screws whether are of the same type or different.

The screw with the hidden camera will have different colors and head styles.

Unnecessary Placement

The hidden camera is usually placed in odd locations like facing to bed.

In the bathroom or other main areas on the wall where it should not be.

Lens Reflection

You can find any hidden camera by simply your mobile flashlight.

  1. Dim the lights in the room.
  2. On the mobile flashlight.
  3. Bring closer to the suspected hidden camera location.
  4. Observe for reflection or glare of the lens.

Infrared Heat Camera

The camera working for a long period of time creates heat.

This heat can be detected by an infrared heat camera.

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Radio Frequency Detectors

Though chances are slim for the screw camera to be wireless they might have a PCB connection to make them wireless.

You can find if the Radio signals with RF detectors, in going to the suspected area.

Hidden screw Camera Specs

A hidden screw camera typically comes with a 2-megapixel camera without infrared capability, meaning it cannot record in the dark.

Some hidden screw cameras may include a microphone, but not all of them.

It needs a connection to a system like NTSC & PAL. which means wires will be there connected to the system.

You will need a 12V charger too to power the camera adapter.

Where you can buy a hidden Screw Camera

You can buy a hidden screw camera on Amazon. Click here to buy.

You can also buy it on Aliexperess or Alibaba which will ship it to you from the nearest warehouse.


It is important to be aware of the possibility of hidden screw cameras that can record your activities.

By familiarizing yourself with the appearance and characteristics of these cameras, such as their darker center and wiring requirements, you can better identify them.

Visual inspection, checking for unusual screw matches and placements, and using a flashlight to detect lens reflections are effective methods for identifying hidden screw cameras.

Additionally, utilizing radio frequency detectors can help detect any wireless signals in suspicious areas. Remember to be vigilant and cautious, as hidden screw cameras may be present in unexpected locations.

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