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The Rarest item drops Elden Ring (I bet you will be Missing these items!)

I have gathered all the Rarest Item Drops and Best Item Drops in Elden Ring.

I have explained the rare item in easy explanation and drop location to find the item easily.

Elden Ring Item rare rate is written in the title, meaning how many times an item is found in 100 discoveries.

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All Rare Items that are in Elden Ring are listed here.

  1. Rare Weapons
  2. Rare Stuff
  3. Rare Head Armour
  4. Rare Shield Armour

I have 99 arcane with silver talisman equipped and have a silver foot in my mouth.

I have 274 item discoveries with no silver foot and 324 item discoveries with the silver foot.

Rare Weapons

Magma Blade: (1% drop rate)

The Magma Blade is made from Mt Gelmir, which is a good weapon for the player who wants to prioritize Strength and deal with additional Fire Damage while benefiting from the curved sword move set.

Drop-by: Possible drop from Man-Serpent enemies wielding the orange glowing Magma Blade at Volcano Manor
Location: Volcano Manor


Albinauric Bow: (4% drop rate)

The Albinauric Bow is an excellent weapon for long-ranged combat and scales with Strength and dexterity.

Drop-by: Dropped by Albinauric Wolfback Archers, Four of them can be seen in south-southwest of the Ordina, Liturgical Town sight of grace. One is riding a wolf while others are seated near each other.

Albinauric Wolfback Archer

Noble’s Estoc: (0.5% drop rate)

Noble’s Estoc is a thrusting sword that is easy to use, and you can sell it for 1000 runs. In addition, it comes with the skill of impaling Thrust, which allows its pierce to overcome enemy shields.

Drop-by: Dropped by Wandering Nobles 
Location:  Limgrave, Raya Lucaria Academy and Altus Plateau

Wandering Nobles

ENVOY’S GREATHORN: (0.5% drop rate)

Envoy’s Greathorn is a heavy weapon that requires Strength to use it. This is an excellent weapon to cause massive damage to the enemy.

Drop-by: Dropped by Wandering Nobles 
Location:  Limgrave, Raya Lucaria Academy and Altus Plateau

Wandering Nobles

Celebrant’s Sickle: (0.5% drop rate)

Celebrant’s Sickle is a Dagger and is a good Weapon for rune farming.
Drop-by: It’s a rare drop from the Celebrants wielding it at the Windmill Village.

Celebrants are dancing with bluecoats on. They don’t attack you until provoked, and killing them is easy.

You might need to try multiple times as the drop rate is very low to make celebrant drop Sickle.

Location: Windmill Village


CLEANOUT SPEAR (1% drop rate)

Cleanrot Spear is a good Weapon for Faith-based fighters, which does holy damage.

drop-by: This sear is dropped by Lesser Cleanrot Knights but has a low drop rate,

  1. which is just south of Heart of Aeonia by Commander O’Neil(BOSS in eastern Caelid). (very low drop rate)
  2. which is in location Elpheal, Brace of Hailgtree. Closest is directly outside the “Prayer Room” Site or Grace.

Ghostly Cleanrot Knights also drop this Cleanrot Spear in the War-Dead Catacombs.

Lesser Cleanrot Knight

CELEBRANT’S CLEAVER (0.5% drop rate)

Celebrant’s Cleaver is an Axe and is a good Weapon for those users with high Strength and Dexterity stats.

Drop-by: This is dropped by celebrant passive enemy in Dominula, Windmill village. South of ‘Windmill Heights’ site of grace, you find celebrants dancing, and killing them is easy.

Location: Dominula, Windmill village

CELEBRANT’S RIB-RAKE (0.5% drop rate)

Celebrant’s Rib-Rake is a Spear and is a good Weapon for piercing enemies.

Drop-by: This is dropped by celebrant passive enemy in Dominula, Windmill village. South of ‘Windmill Heights’ site of grace, you find celebrants dancing, and killing them is easy.

Location: Dominula, Windmill village

GREATHORN HAMMER (2% drop rate)

Greathorn Hammer is a Great Warhammer that is a good weapon for the high-strength player who can hold this weapon. This Warhammer can crush enemy armor or sometimes kill the enemy itself.

Drop-by:  dropped by Ancestral Follower located in Siofra River. Which is northeast of the Ancestral woods grace; there are two easy farm Ancestrak followers patrolling. One of them is singing.
Location: Siofra River

Ancestral Follower

PEST’S GLAIVE (4% drop rate)

Pest’s Glaive is a Halberd-type weapon that is good for moderate damage and long reach.

It is a good Weapon for trusting, and characters with high Dexterity builds can use it to slash Enemies while spinning. 

Drop-by:  This weapon is dropped by Lesser Kindred of Rot (Pests).

You can locate two in front of the Church of the Plague and eleven inside the Grand Cloister.

Lesser Kindred of Rot

Rare Staff

All the Staffs are rare, but some are rarer than others in Elden Ring.

DIGGER’S STAFF  (2% drop rate)

Digger’s Staff is a Glintstone Staff and is a good Weapon for boosting the power of Stonedigger sorceries. The stats of this weapon include Sorcery Scaling, which shows the degree to which sorceries increase in power and Boost the power of Stonedigger sorceries.

Drop-by: This Staff is dropped by Sorcerer Miner in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Stonediggers also drop it at Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel in Liurnia of the Lakes Region.

Sorcerer Miner

STAFF OF THE GUILTY (2% drop rate)

Staff of the Guilty is a Glintstone Staff and is a good Weapon for Blood Thorn Sorcery. 

Drop-by: This Staff is dropped off by Throne-Fire Sorcerers at Fort Laiedd.

There are more Throne-Fire Sorcerers at Gurdians’ garrison.



Rotten Crystal Staff is a Glintstone Staff and is a good Weapon for those looking to inflict Rot status effect. 

This Staff enhances Crystalian sorceries.

Drop-by: dropped by the Lesser Crystalian mage in the first section of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

Dropped by the Lesser Crystalian mage guarded by 2 Lesser Crystalian Lancers, just next to the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace.

Lesser Crystalian

Gelmir Glintstone Staff: (11.1% drop rate)

Gelmir Glintstone Staff is a Staff that helps strike the enemy from a distance and is a good Weapon for lava sorceries and hybrid intelligence/faith casters.

Drop-by: Rare drop from staff-wielding Man-Serpent Sorcerer in the throne room above Volcano manor.

You need to use Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot for each run-up to the throne room to boost item discovery and unlock the lift leading to the Temple of Eiglay Site of grace the throne room.

Due to the rare drop rate, You need to do multiple runs and teleports back to the site of grace to see staff drop.

Location: Volcano Manor

Rare Head Armour

I have collected the head armor that are rare and also given the special effects it provides.

Black Dumpling mask: (0.5% drop rate)

The black Dumpling mask changes appearance and gives defensive properties.

Its unique effect boosts damage by 10% for 60 seconds after you suffer madness.

Drop-by: killing the First Generation Albinaurics
Location: Volcano Manor


IMP HEAD (FANGED) (0.5 % drop rate)

This Imp Head Fanged is heavy head armor that is no piece of any set and protects characters from headshots. It also gives the user +2 strength to the character.

Drop-by: This is dropped by Imp with the same head. 
Location: Cliffbottom Catacombs and Wyndham Catacombs. 

IMP HEAD (LONG-TONGUED) (0.5% drop rate)

Imp Head Long-Tongued is heavy head armor that helps heavy impacts on the head and changes the appearance of the character.

It also gives +2 dexterity.

drop-by: killing Land Octopus
Location: Liurnia of the Lakes

IMP HEAD (CAT)  (0.5% drop rate)

Its heavy head changes appearance and has defense properties.

It gives character +2 intelligence.

drop-by: dropped by Imps
Location: Impaler’s Catacombs

Octopus Head: (0.5 % drop rate)

Its head changes appearance and has defense properties.
It has no special effects on the character.

drop-by: It can be dropped by killing Land Octopus
Location: Liurnia of the Lakes


IMP HEAD (WOLF) HEAD (1.5 % drop rate)

This Imp Head Wolf is heavy and protects players from heavy attacks. It’s a good balance for defense properties, and it makes a good appearance.

It also gives +2 endurance.

drop-by: Drops from Forked Greatsword wielding Wolf-Headed Imps in Catacombs
Location: Catacombs

PUMPKIN HELM (3% drop rate)

This Pumpkin helmet is head armor that covers the whole head and protects from headshots and impacts.

Drop-by: There is a chance that Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head drops this Pumpkin helm.

These enemies can be found at the following locations:

  • Saintsbridge, Limgrave
  • Fort Haight 
  • Castle Morne 
  • Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Redmane Castle
  • Altus Plateau – By a grave marker overlooking the cliffs northeast of the Bridge of Iniquity.
  • Mt Gelmir, east of First Mt. Gelmir Campsite and south of Corpse-Stench Shack.
Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head

Rare Shield Armour

There are only two rare shields In Elden Ring. One is Brass Shield which is a good shield other is a perfumer shield

Brass Shield:(0.8% drop rate)

Brass Shield is a Medium Shield in Elden Ring. The Brass Shield is a Shield that scales primarily with Strength.

Medium Shields feature a good balance between defense and weight, which is excellent for most situations in combat.

Although it may not be as light as a Small Shield suitable for agility and parrying, the Standard Shield works best at reducing damage and blocking.

Drop-by: This Shield is dropped by Godrick Soldiers, and the drop rate is 0.8%.

Also dropped by Raya Lucaria Soldiers who have this Shield.

There is also an Early Location to farm this at the “Gate front” Site of Grace in the western part of main Limgrave, just out of the forest and before Stormgate. There are four Godrick Soldiers in the Gatefron Ruins carrying this Shield

Nearly all the Raya Lucaria Soldiers gathered outside Raya Lucaria Academy carry one.
Location: Volcano Manor


PERFUMER’S SHIELD (2% drop rate)

Perfumer’s Shield is lightweight, which helps characters who prefer parrying rather than blocking.

It primarily scales with Strength, and its lighter weight also makes it ideal for quick, agile characters with low equipment weight capacity.

Drop-by: It is dropped by Perfumer enemies wielding this Shield at Perfumer’s Grotto Site of Grace.
Depraved Perfumers also drop it at haded Castle Inner Gate Site of Grace.

Depraved Perfumer

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