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Can You Check Who Views Your VSCO? [Latest, Easy Explained]

Vsco was formerly a camera app that introduced a social sharing feature on its platform.

That turned the app into popularity. Vsco lacked likes and comments which made it unique and attracted content creators who were eager to create beautiful photos.

People started sharing photos but every user could see the photos other users had shared.

Vsco platform has no private account. which is blocking your content from the public.

Blocking someone on Vsco will only limit their actions like making a photo favorite or republishing, but you still can view it.

Can You Check Who Views Your VSCO?

VSCO was initially not supposed to be a platform for sharing photos but rather photo editing application.

Vsco didn’t implement likes, comments, or views like other platforms.

Vsco has a privacy policy that prevents users know who views their profile, BUT if someone republishes your photo or makes it a favorite, it will send a notification to the user account that someone has favorited or republished your photo.

This notification will be received on the mobile like any other notification.

Does vsco alert screenshots 2022?

Vsco alert users when they follow, favorite a photo or republish a photo.

As of 2022 Vsco does not alert users about screenshots from their Vsco profile.

As per Vsco policy, they are obliged not to track Vsco users. So they can’t notify if someone takes screenshots or records a video.

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