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Hogwarts Legacy Armor Traits (Complete List)

Want to get Hogwarts Legacy Armor Traits? This guide is for you on how to get all armor traits in Hogwarts Legacy.

To Get an Armor Trait in The Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy you need to complete the challenges that each armor trait requires and unlock each Armor trait.

To unlock the Armor trait. You need to go to menu> Challenges > Combat > Select The trait to unlock.

All Armor Traits In Hogwarts Legacy

Amphibial Protection:

Amphibial Protection offers varying degrees of armor traits against the challenging Dugbogs.

It starts with Level I, providing decreased damage taken, which can be attained by defeating 5 Dugbogs.

Level II greatly decreases damage and requires conquering 10 Dugbogs.

The highest level, III, offers significantly decreased damage and requires victory over 20 Dugbogs.

These protection levels correspond to different tiers of the “Defeat Dugbogs” Combat Challenge.


Anti-Venom can be an armor trait against spiders. It also has 3 levels.

The first stage, Level I, reduces damage from spiders and is unlocked by defeating 40 of them.

Advancing to Level II brings greatly decreased damage, achieved by defeating 70 spiders.

The ultimate Level III offers significantly decreased damage and requires the defeat of 100 spiders.

These stages are tied to the “Defeat Spiders” Combat Challenge.


Cushioning armor trait is designed to safeguard against troll attacks and offers three levels of protection.

Beginning with Level I, which decreases damage from trolls, it requires the defeat of 5 trolls.

Level II, providing greatly decreased damage, demands victory over 10 trolls.

Level III, offering significant protection, necessitates the defeat of 15 trolls. These tiers are tied to the “Defeat Trolls” Combat Challenge.

Goblin-Silver Resistance:

Goblin-Silver Resistance armor trait provides defense against goblins across three levels.

Level I offers decreased damage from goblins and requires the defeat of 30 goblins.

Progressing to Level II, which provides greatly decreased damage, necessitates the defeat of 60 goblins.

The highest level, Level III, offers significant resistance and requires vanquishing 100 goblins.

These levels are linked to the “Defeat Goblins” Combat Challenge.

Lupus Protection:

Lupus Protection armor trait enhances defense against Dark Mongrels in a tiered system.

Level I, achieved by defeating 10 Mongrels, decreases damage taken.

Level II, attained through the defeat of 20 Mongrels, provides greatly decreased damage.

Level III, which significantly reduces damage, is unlocked by overcoming 30 Mongrels.

These tiers correspond to the “Defeat Mogrels” Combat Challenge.

Necromantic Protection:

Protection against Inferi is provided through Necromantic Protection, progressing through three levels.

Level I, decreasing damage is taken, is attained by defeating 10 Inferi.

Advancing to Level II requires victory over 20 Inferi, resulting in greatly decreased damage.

Finally, Level III offers significantly decreased damage and is unlocked by defeating 36 Inferi.

These protection levels correspond to the “Defeat Inferi” Combat Challenge.

Protego Shielding:

Protego Shielding is designed to mitigate damage from Dark Wizards and presents itself in three levels.

Level I, reducing damage taken, is accessible after defeating 40 Dark Wizards.

Level II, providing greatly decreased damage, requires victory over 70 Dark Wizards.

Level III offers significant defense and necessitates the defeat of 100 Dark Wizards.

These levels are tied to the “Defeat Dark Wizards” Combat Challenge.

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