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How To Get Max Level Gear in Hogwarts Legacy (Easy Guide)

Are you trying to get max level gear in Hogwarts Legacy? Have finished the main quest but are still not maxed, Don’t worry this guide is for you.

Attaining max gear lvl requires a specific approach and commitment to your character’s progression.

Let’s get the highest level gear in Hogwarts Legacy by following these steps.

Understanding the Max Level Gear

Max level gear is associated with level 40 legendary gear.

Max level Legendary gear is essential for reaching the max offense and defense stats.

The max stats of gear can reach 114 offense and 36 defense.

When Maxed Gear stats are added it becomes 450 total.

What are the requirements for Max level gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

These are the requirements for reaching max level in Hogwarts Legacy.

Player Level

As early as you can buy or find 40-level gear is at player level 38 but it’s unlikely you will find it.

So you will need to become level 40 to get max level gear.

Complete the Main Story and Field Guide

Reaching level 40 is a prerequisite for accessing level 40 gear.

You must fully complete your Field Guide, including the main story missions.

This completionist approach is vital to unlocking the highest gear potential.

Optimal Base Stats for Max Level Gear

To achieve a combined 450 offense and defense, focus on gear with a base stat of 114.

Aim for each piece of gear to have this base stat.

Combine three gear pieces with 114 base stats, complemented by three secondary stats at 36 each, for the perfect synergy.

How to unlock max level gear in Hogwarts Legacy

After you have reached level 40, go to the Gladrag shop in Hogsmead offers an avenue to find level 40 gear.

Check the shop’s inventory for gear items with an offense or defense stat of 114.

If you didn’t find gear with 114 stat then you can force the shop to Refresh its inventory.

You can force refresh inventory by opening the map and pressing your right stick (controller) or F key (PC) which is to wait.

You have to do this 4 to 5 times in a row and the shop will give full another chance to get max level gear.

Final Words

Pursuing max level gear requires determination and patience.

The completionist path demands a thorough engagement with the game’s content, including main quests and Field Guide objectives.

By persistently aiming for level 40 gear with the specified base stats, you’ll inch closer to the pinnacle of your character’s power.

Remember, the pursuit of max level gear is an achievement in itself.

Your commitment to progressing through the game’s challenges and unlocking the highest potential gear is a testament to your dedication as a player.

Embrace this journey, and revel in the rewards of becoming a true wizarding legend in Hogwarts Legacy.

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