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How to fix Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Is your Insignia remote acting up? Not responding as it should.

Insignia TV remote not working is an issue faced by many users which can be fixed quite easily if it is not a hardware problem.

Why Insignia remote is not working

The Insignia remote is not working due to a bug. This bug can be a food particle stuck in a remote or can software bug or can be both.

IR blaster is send signals to TV over time it gets old. So the remote needs replacement eventually if that is the case.

How to fix the Insignia remote

You can fix Insignia remote by applying these solutions.

But before that check whether the batteries are not old. Over time batteries use to drop voltage which affects remote working.

IR Signals are not blocked by any books or clothes on the TV which need direct contact with the TV to remote. anything in between can disrupt the signals.

  1. Easy Method
  2. Soft Reset TV
  3. Re-Pair Remote
  4. Hard Reset TV

1. Easy Method

This method is easy and has worked for many users.

  1. You need to remove the batteries of the insignia remote.
  1. Keep batteries out for 5 minutes and press all buttons repeatedly. this will drain all charges.
  1. Beat the remote against the hand to remove any food particles stuck in the remote.
  1. Put back the battery cells.

This should fix your remote and your remote should start working fine.

Soft Reset TV

You need to reset the TV. you can do it by following the method.

  1. Turn off the tv and unplug it from the wall socket.
  1. Wait for 1 minute.
  2. Again replug your Tv into the wall socket.

If the TV had any problem this should be set it and the remote should work.

Re-Pair the Remote to the TV

Your remote might have unpaired somehow and you need to re-pair it to the TV.

The process varies depending on the model of your Insignia TV.

Method 1. Bring the remote near the TV and Press and hold the Home Button On the Remote which will start blinking. remote should then pair with a TV.

press and hold home button

Method 2. Open the back cover and you will see the pair button on the back. Press and hold the button and the remote will pair with the TV.

Method 3. Press and Hold These buttons. back button + menu Button + left button on the remote and it should pair with the TV.

Hard Reset TV

If all is not working you can factory reset your TV. This will remove any bugs or apps which might be affecting your TV.

But this will also remove any data on TV. If your remote is not working you can use the mobile app to do this process.

Method 1. Press and hold the power button on the remote which will show up factory reset screen you can select factory reset and it will reset your TV.

Method 2. Go to Settings> Go to About> Factory Reset > OK.

Alternative Solution

you can use a mobile app for your insignia TV which works seamlessly.

Mobile Remote APP.

you can download the mobile app of the insignia remote from the APP store.

Android Users- Insignia Remote
Apple Users- Insignia/Universal Smart TV Remote

Buy Replacement

If all is not working you can buy a replacement remote on Amazon.

Buy Now on Amazon.


Insignia remote can be fixed by these simple steps.

Remember to check the batteries, perform soft and hard resets, and re-pair the remote with your TV if needed.

If none of these solutions work, using the Insignia mobile app or purchasing a replacement remote can be reliable alternatives.

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