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I forgot my firestick Password or Pin. Solved 2023

Have you put a password or pin parental control on a firestick and forgotten it after a long time of not using the firestick?

Or a Friend or relative has given you a firestick, but you can’t use it because of the password or pin on the firestick.

Amazon firestick is an excellent device to make your Tv into Smart Tv and allows you to access many streaming applications like Netflix, Holo, Plex, etc.

In this article, you will learn what the solutions are when you forget the firestick pin.

Factory Reset Firestick through remote (Easy Way)

This method is easy to follow, but your preferences and apps will be deleted your device will be brand new.

These are the steps to follow to Factory reset your Firestick

  1. Go to setting in Firestick
  2. Click on “My Fire TV” in setting
  3. Click on “Reset to Factory Defaults
  4. Bypass the pin by pressing the rewind button + back button

1. Go to setting in Firestick

You need to go to the Firestick setting to reset the firestick.

To do this, you need to click on the setting icon ⚙️.

2. Click on “My Fire TV” in setting

After clicking on the setting icon, you need to click on “My Fire TV,” which will be in the bottom left.

3. Click on “Reset to Factory Defaults

This will open menus with Restart, MY FIRE TV, and Reset to Factory Defaults.

You need to click “Reset to Factory Defaults,” which will ask for verification.

4. Bypass Pin by pressing the rewind button + back button

You need to bypass the pin verification to reset the firestick.

To bypass, you need to Press the back button and rewind button for 15 seconds.

This will show up “Reset to Factory Defaults” pop-up.

Click on Reset, which will reset the Firestick.

This will wipe all the data, and the device will be like you bought a new one.

Alternative Bypass Pin method.

The alternative method is to click on “Reset to Factory Defaults” in My Fire TV 4 times by going back and repeating.

The fifth time it will show Reset to Factory Defaults, allowing you to Reset.

Factory Reset through Fire Tv App

You can also reset the Firestick through the application Fire TV App.

You need to download the Fire Tv app from the app store.

Follow these steps to Reset the firestick from the mobile app

  1. Download the fire tv app on mobile from the app store.
    Available in both Google app store and IOS app store.
  2. Be on the same WIFI network on mobile and firestick.
  3. Open the Fire Tv app, and Firestick will show up with its name.
  4. Select Firestick and pair by entering the four-digit code shown on firestick TV.
  5. The remote interface will show up. Click on the setting icon.
  6. Then click My Fire TV in-app in the setting menu.
  7. Tap on Reset to Factory Defaults in the options shown.

Reset Pin through Amazon

If you own the device and remember the amazon email and password, you should follow this method.

This method can reset your pin without losing any application, data, or preferences saved in the firestick.

You need to follow these easy steps to get your firestick password or pin back from amazon.

  1. Go to the
  2. Sign In to Amazon
  3. Change the Pin
  4. Restart Firestick

1. Go to the

This will directly take you to the Amazon Video Prime parental control page. Where you can change the pin.

2. Enter your Amazon credentials.

Amazon will ask for an email and password for you to enter before changing the Pin.

3. Change the Pin.

You need to Click on change and enter a new pin and click on the save button, which will save the new pin.

4. Restart Firestick

Make sure the firestick is connected to the internet and restart the firestick, which will apply a new pin in the firestick.

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