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Reset the Firestick Without Remote Control (Stuck After Rest?)

Are you trying to reset the Firestick without remote control? Don’t worry, I am going to share four ways you can easily reset your Firestick Device.

if you don’t know the passcode or password of Firestick read this article.
“I forgot my firestick Password or Pin. Solved 2023”.

Note: After resetting the Firestick you won’t be able to use the Firestick App due to no WIFI connection. Click Here to read more.

How to Reset Firestick without Remote Control?

1. By using Alexa

If you have Alexa Echo and are connected to a Firestick Device you can voice command instructions and it will follow.

You need to command these instructions.

  1. Go to the menu. 
  2. Select My Fire TV. 
  3. Find Devices. 
  4. Select Firestick. 
  5. Go to Factory reset Default. 
  6. Confirm “Reset”. 

This will reset your Firestick TV.

1. By using a Fire TV App

If you want to reset your Firestick but you don’t have physical remote control, you can try using the Fire TV remote app on your smartphone as a replacement remote control. Here’s how to reset your Firestick using the Fire TV remote app:


  • A smartphone or tablet with the Fire TV remote app installed.
  • Both your smartphone and Firestick should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Install the Fire TV Remote App

  • On your smartphone open up either the app store for iPhone users or the Google Play store for Android phones.

Download and open the App

  • Then search for Fire TV.
  • Then download the Fire TV app.
  • Then go to set up a new device by using the app.
  • Then select Fire TV.
  • Now it searches for Fire TV and select Fire TV device.

Use the app as a remote control

  • Once you are connecting you are able to use the app as a remote control.
  • Now go to “settings”.
  • Then scroll down to “My Fire TV”.
  • Now hit the middle button on the Firestick remote.

Perform factory Reset

  • Then scroll down and click. on “reset to factory defaults” and again hit the middle button.
  • Now tap on “reset” then the factory reset process will start.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm the factory reset. This will erase all data on the Firestick, including your settings and apps, and restore it to its default settings.

2. By using TV Nav-buttons or Remote

The TV comes with separate remote and navigation buttons (usually found on the side or bottom of the TV).

Make sure your TV has the necessary navigation buttons and that you can access the Fire TV input source using your TV’s controls.

To control an Amazon Firestick with a TV remote control or TV buttons you need to change the HDMI setting.

Enable HDMI CEC on your TV before you connect the Fire Stick to the TV’s HDMI port. After ensuring the Firestick is recognized by the TV, the TV remote should be able to control it or the TV’s buttons.

How to make TV buttons or TV remote work with Firestick

  • Locate the physical navigation buttons on your TV. These typically include buttons like Menu, Volume Up/Down, Channel Up/Down, and sometimes an OK/Select button.
  • OR Use the TV remote.
  • Go to settings and Enable HDMI CEC on your TV.
  • Reattach Firestick.
  • TV will show you Check if your TV has an “Input” or “Source” button. You may need this to change the input source.

Wifi Connection

  • Ensure that your TV is connected to Wi-Fi. You may need to use your TV’s settings menu and navigation buttons to access and connect to a Wi-Fi network if it’s not already connected.

Launch Fire TV on your TV

  • Use the TV’s navigation buttons to navigate to the “Input” or “Source” option and select the HDMI port where your Firestick is connected.

3. By using a mouse or keyboard

You can use a Bluetooth mouse keyboard if you have connected before to navigate and reset your Firestick.

If you want to use a micro USB port to connect the mouse or keyboard you would need to buy an OTG cable for Firestick which will cost you ~$5 while the replacement remote will cost you ~$15.

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After you have connected the keyboard or mouse navigate to

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Select My Fire TV
  3. Go to Factory reset Default
  4. Confirm “Reset

if you don’t know the passcode or password of Firestick read this article.
I forgot my Firestick Password or PIN. Solved 2023“.

Stuck After Resetting of Firestick?

If you are stuck after resetting the Firestick can’t use your Firestick.

It is because you don’t have a remote to navigate to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. so it’s like a dead end.

Now you have these options.

  1. Use the TV’s Remote or TV buttons to navigate and connect to WIFI. Click Here to read
  2. Find Old Remote; This is the cheapest option you have.
  3. Buy a Replacement Remote which will cost you as low as ~ $15.
    • To connect the remote to the Firestick you need to long Press the home button on the remote after rebooting the Firestick. remote will be connected.

Click here to buy Remote Replacement from Amazon

You can buy a replacement remote which is cheap and works with every generation.

  1. Use OTG cable for Firestick to connect the Keyboard or mouse which will cost you as low as ~$5.

Click here to buy OTG cable from Amazon

Once you have connected the keyboard you can connect the WIFI and the Fire TV app will start working.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to reset your Firestick without a remote control, there are several methods to consider.

You can use voice commands with Alexa, utilize the Fire TV remote app on your smartphone, employ your TV’s navigation buttons or remote control, or even connect a mouse or keyboard using an OTG cable.

However, after resetting your Firestick, you might face the challenge of not being able to use it due to the absence of a remote. In such cases, you can either use your TV’s remote or buttons, find an old Firestick remote, purchase a replacement remote, or use an OTG cable to connect a keyboard or mouse to regain control of your Firestick.

These options offer flexibility and solutions for different scenarios when dealing with a Firestick without a remote control.

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