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Can someone see if you go on their VSCO (Easy Explained)

VSCO was formerly a camera app that introduced online photo uploading on its platform.

After that, it became popular and now has 100 Million+ downloads on the Google Play store alone.

People capture and create beautiful photos through VSCO studio and upload them on VSCO.

Anyone on the VSCO app can view the profile. The user only needs to search the profile name and click on it to view the VSCO profile.

Alternative to profile searching is a contact list on mobile, which will show you the VSCO profile synced to it.

  1. Can someone see if you go on their VSCO?
  2. Why VSCO doesn’t notify user when someone visit VSCO profile?
  3. How does my friend know I visited their VSCO profile?
  4. Conclusion

Can someone see if you go on their VSCO?

Can someone see if you go to their VSCO? No VSCO doesn’t notify users if you go to their VSCO profile.

But making a photo favorite or republishing a photo will notify the VSCO user that X user has favorite or republished your photo through notification.

VSCO favorite, Republish, Follow button

The same goes for following a user on VSCO; if you start following someone, it will also notify the user that X USER has started following you.

If you have accidentally tapped follow button it will create a notification and if you unfollow the user. The notification will stay.

An accidental tap on the “follow” button will create a notification on mobile.

Only notification will not show up if the user has uninstalled the VSCO app or does not have an internet connection. Some iPhones also not showed the notification.

There is no option for Saving photos in VSCO. So if you take a screenshot or screen record the photos in VSCO, VSCO will still not notify the user. Read More here “Does VSCO Notify Screenshots.”

Why VSCO doesn’t notify user when someone visit VSCO profile?

VSCO doesn’t notify users about other people visiting their VSCO profile because VSCO has a strict privacy policy.

VSCO has a strict privacy policy that they follow, and the privacy policy doesn’t have users tracking and collecting their data on the platform through their movement and sharing with other users.

You can also read VSCO’s privacy policy here.

Although I can say that notifying users is not a difficult feature to implement, and other sites like LinkedIn have implemented it, VSCO doesn’t see any use for it for now.

VSCO wants to keep a platform for sharing good quality photos rather than more entertaining content, for example, memes. Engagements with posts are too limited too, for example, “Like,” “Comment,” and no follow number shown. So VSCO is a different platform and not like Instagram.

How does my friend know I visited their VSCO profile?

VSCO is similar to Instagram, but engagements in VSCO are limited, which brings only Photo geeks to VSCO.

VSCO has tried to bring people closer by contacts list that is saved on mobile. From the contact list, VSCO shows who has a VSCO account which you can open by clicking on it and viewing their photos.

VSCO does not notify any users; if your friend tells you that you viewed their profile, they are just predicting.

Or, if you have republished their photo or favorite it or followed them, they will know because a notification is sent to their profile.

You have a screenshot photo and uploaded it, and if your friend had seen it, then he could say that as a joke.


VSCO does not notify users if you visit their profile except if you have clicked any button like follow, favorite, or republished which will create notification making the user know who clicked the button.

VSCO has a strict privacy policy that they follow and don’t let users know the movement of other users.

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